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Introduction of Coal Power Plant

Fuel used for electricity generation have, solid liquid, or gas. solid fuel used is coal. For liquid fuel and gas, power plants use a lot of oil and gas. In the Philippines, has been planned power plant using wood (and its derivatives, also called biomass) as fuel in the hope to obtain renewable energy sources (renewable energy). Type of wood used in the Philippines is called a type of wood lamtoro. For the supply of wood fuel needed the land for planting timber-Ipil Ipil is able to supply wood for the plant continuously with specific installed power. The use of wood can also be regarded as direct solar energy because wood is the result of photosynthesis that occurs with the help of direct solar energy.

The fuel is a waste of the city. In developed countries, waste is used as fuel for electricity generation, but which became the main target does not generate electricity, but rather solve the problem of urban waste. Coal comes from the forest (wood) buried in the ground, where the older, higher calorific value. Coal is basically carbon (C) obtained from mines with different qualities, because it is mixed with other ingredients depending on the condition of the mine. The things that determine the quality of coal, among other caloric value. The calorific value of this there are 2 kinds of value (Ho) and a lower value (Hu). Calorific value of fuel obtained by burning fuel as much as two pounds and measure the calories obtained by using the calorimeter at a temperature of 15 ° C so that water vapor is obtained from (combustion) condenses to burn calories and release pengembunannya.While lower fuel calorific value is obtained by reducing the caloric value of condensation of water they contain. Fuel combustion in power plant flue gas thermal energy released at temperatures far above the dew point of water, energy balance calculation is based on calorific value because of the exhaust gas temperature as high as it is in dealing with water vapor.

In addition to the amount of calories it has, the quality of coal is also determined by its purity. Coal-rat is always attached to other substances, such as water and the elements H,, 0 N. and S. purity of coal in addition to general concerns, also influenced by the coal miners were taken.

Solid fuels such as coal burned in power plant boiler combustion chamber to obtain thermal energy. Combustion itself is actually a chemical reaction with oxygen 02 is in the air, with chemical reactions are as follows:

C + 02 → CO2 + heat energy, but because coal is mixed with elements of H,, 0 N, and S, then in the process of coal combustion chemical reactions also occur between these elements with oxygen in the air as follows: 2H2 + N2 + 2H20 02 → 02 → NO2 which then with H2O in the air to react to various nitric acid HNO2. S + 02 SO2 SO2 next → with H2O and 02 in the air reacts 2H2O + 2502 + 2002 → 2H2S02

The emergence of HNO2 nitric acid and sulfuric acid as a result of combustion of elements N and S was brought by coal pollution and should be limited in number.

The elements mentioned above can be burned, reacts with O, which produces heat energy. But there are also substances that can not be burned, such as water and coal ash contained. Dad came out of the coal mine was always filled with water and ash. Lignite is airya content exceeds 60%, while only 2-5% in anthracite. Ash content of coal varies between 0,8-20.8%.

If the lignite coal with a relatively low calorific value and moisture content and relatively high ash is used as fuel for electricity generation, the new can be said generally economical when power plants are built near coal mines or mine called Mouth Power Plant. This occurs because the transport of energy in coal that contains water only complain hentuk and ash, and low calorific value is more expensive than the transport of energy in the form of electricity generated by the mines concerned. In addition to the above, the use of coal with low calorific value requires coal boilers greater than when used with relatively high calorific value due to the number of kilograms of coal burned per unit time must be larger to achieve the same power generation.

In providing coal for power plants also must be considered whether or not there are elements that can damage brought by a coal boiler, such as silica which can cause high temperature corrosion. On the other hand, the contents of the element of S which can cause sulfuric acid H2SO4 according to the above reaction to the power stations are relatively cold temperatures (below 180 ° C). that is in the air heater, can condense and cause corrosion at low temperatures. In the coal supply for power generation should also be noted batuhara level of violence. This relates to the power of powder maker father parer the electric power plant. The elements mentioned above can be burned, reacts with 02 which produces heat energy. But there are also substances that can not be burned, such as water and coal ash contained. Since the result of coal combustion gases cause the follow-up that create pollution, and then developed various techniques to reduce pollution.One way to reduce pollution by exhaust gases from burning coal is to use fluedized burning bed, where the coal washing water flows along the combustion chamber.

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In my opinion, of coal-powered power plants would be filled with smoke pollution .. However, power plants with coal power in Freeport that use coal from KPC already using the latest technology so that air pollution from diesel even smaller. Coal before burning it to make flour first so that when burning almost completely out, leaving the rest a little.


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